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General Rules
1.1 Cheating, Exploiting or Crashing the server, is not permitted.
1.2 (a) RDM (Random Death Match) is not allowed.
1.2 (b) RDM Counts as killing someone who has not done anything to provoke it.
1.3 (a) You must wait at least 4 minutes before returning to the area you died, this is NLR.
1.3 (b) You may not interfere with the player's RP during NLR, E.g. Dying at the bank and then going to the corrupt banker.
1.4 (a) Discrimination is not allowed.
1.4 (b) Discrimination counts as Racism, Sexism, Religious Prejudice, Hate Speech or Harassment.
1.4 (c.) Keep swearing to a certain extent.
1.5 (a) Scamming or Abusing a glitch/loophole is not tolerated.
1.5 (b) Only printer and bitminer scamming is permitted.
1.6 Trolling will not be accepted.
1.7 (a) Use common sense.
1.7 (b) As a player in an admin situation, do not interrupt any other sits or attempt to walk away.
1.8 Staffs say is final.
1.9 Chat spamming and microphone spamming is not allowed.
1.10 RDA (Random Arrest) is not tolerated.
1.11 Prop pushing and prop surfing are not allowed.
1.12 Gang wars are not allowed; only with permission from the Manager or above.
1.13 (a) Fading/keypad door abuse is not allowed. (Using personal doors while been raided) .
1.13 (b) You cannot spam keys or fading/keypad door button, to prevent a raider getting inside.
1.14 Weapons carried by specific jobs, should not be dropped to others or inventoried for yourself.
1.15 You must advert when mugging, kidnapping, warning someone to go away, stealing money bags, stealing gold shipments, and stealing drug shipments from a player.
1.16 (a) When warning someone to go away etc, you must advert the warning 3 times with at least 3 seconds in between each advert.(This also apply's for police when warning to put a gun away)
1.16 (b) You may not abuse adverting warning to kill people for no valid reason, such as the player has not done anything to provoke you. (This is classed as RDM)
1.16 (c.) You must be within 1 meter of the player you wish to advert warn otherwise you cannot kill them, if the player keeps coming back you may kill the player.
1.16 (d) You may only advert what is needed without any added unnecessary detail, E.g. Warning go away 1/2/3.
1.16 (e) You may not have multi adverts. E.g: Raid/Mug/Steal/Warning 1/2/3
1.16 (f) You may not have racial slurs or inappropriate language in your adverts.
1.16 (g) Your advert must always be yellow for RP situations.
1.17 (a) Roleplay, building, basing in spawn/safe zone is not permitted.(Roleplaying in mining area is allowed)
1.17 (b) Do not abuse safe zones to escape or avoid a roleplay situation.
1.17 © If you have a 5-star wanted level, you can be arrested in the spawn area. This includes the safezone.
1.18 Angle abuse will not be tolerated. (Viewing the other person from an angle where they can't see you.)
1.19 Battering ram abuse will not be tolerated, you may only battering ram doors.
1.20 Do not use spells on anyone for no roleplay reason. This is considered 'Freespelling'.
1.21 No "RDM Wars"; if you and a friend kill each other over and over it will be classed as RDM.
1.22 You may not make an "RDM Box". You can not have or place a room and invite people to kill each other inside. This is also classed as RDM. E.g. 1v1 box
1.23 Your name must not contain any special characters or symbols apart from your clan tag.
1.24 The trade of real currency for in-game items or in-game cash and vice versa is not tolerated. All that are affiliated will be permanently banned.
1.25 You may only have one account connected to any of our servers at once, I.E Do not connect more than one account (Alts) at once.
1.26 You must have a clear relation to your friends whom you wish to defend in raids, mugs etc, I.E. Clan tags, same base ownership on doors etc. (Clan tags aren't required if you are a member of an in-game clan)
1.27 Impersonation is not allowed (pretending to be an admin, another player or in a clan)
1.28 (a) You may not put any links in the chat. (Discord, YouTube, etc.) You may only do it for clans discord in /pm if the person asks for the link.
1.28 (b) Adverting Discord IDs and codes are prohibited.
1.29 Do not shoot players inside safe zones i.e. spawn and mining area.
1.30 Crossfire/missclick can still count as RDM.
1.31 Do not make false reports.
1.33(a) Traps are required to be inside of your base.
1.33(b)You may only have one of each trap within a base.
1.35 You may not use a grapple hook, spells, etc in order to evade after being frozen with the blue gaster blaster.

2.1 (a) When you’re building a base, place a ‘Building’ sign outside.
2.1 (b) You may not have a 'Building' sign while building in the Bank or Police Department.
2.2 You cannot have any raidable entities whilst using a building sign.
2.3 (a) You’re only allowed 3 fading/keypad doors and 1 defense door to get access to the whole of your base, this includes printers. (I.E. Do not put windows around your printers.)
2.3 (b) You cannot use props that make multiple doors that raiders need to go through.
2.4 Crouch and jump bases are disallowed.
2.5 Base entrances must be visible.
2.6 Any entities should be accessible to interact with, but not necessarily steal.
2.7 (a) Fake keypads/buttons aren’t allowed.
2.7 (b) Hidden keypads are allowed as long as near the entrance, and not materialize/colored to be nearly invisible or hard to see.
2.7 (c.) Keypads should be near the door they’re opening.
2.7 (d) Fading/keypad doors should open for a minimum of 8 seconds.
2.7 (e) You may not have a fading/keypad with an open delay of more than 2 seconds
2.8 Your base must be raidable by everyone.
2.9 (a) Do not build in places you don’t own.
2.9 (b) Do not build on the streets.(Not even above the street, Fine if respecting rule 2.15)
2.9 (d) You cannot have props that cover over NPCs; you also cannot have a base that allows players to interact with NPCs(this includes the KOS circle around them).
2.10 One way shooting is not allowed. (They must be able to shoot and see you too when you are shooting them, think of being fair. E.g : Using a x-8 as a defender when the raider doesn't have one is not allowed.)
2.11 You’re not allowed to RP when you’re building. (IE kidnapping, mugging etc)
2.12 Prop climbing is not allowed, unless having a building sign up to assist building your base or as a City Worker to repair something temporarily.
2.13 If a player has a building sign up do not enter the base/area unless told to do so by the person building otherwise this is classed as FailRP.
2.14 If someone enters your building zone you may warn them 3 times to leave, if they do not leave you may kill them.
2.15 Sky Bases are allowed but the majority of the base has to be on a building rooftop and the entrance has to be on the world-building too.
2.16 World Glow / One way material is only allowed for viewing and not shooting (It is not to be used as a view and shoot, for example, do not make a wall of world glow then put a gap and look for the player then shoot through the gap this would be considered one-way abuse).
2.17 Fading/Keypad/defense doors should be clearly visible.
2.18 All KOS/Building Signs must be clearly visible in front of the base or area. You must use a visible font, colour and size (Minimum size of 50)
2.19 The following are the only allowed KOS signs. They may be combined. (Raiding, raiding tools out, past/on line(s), inside, on-ramp, on windows, shooting at base and messing with keypad).
2.20 You may not have stacked doors or no-collided layers of your entrance to prevent pick-locking or the destruction of defense doors (or even a portion of the doors). Although you may have a separate entrance/exit for personal use.
2.21 You may not have large sky bridges for the entrance or walkway to your base.
2.22 You may not have any kind of pixel-perfect gaps to get through your base, this includes fading/keypad doors. This includes thin props, props facing vertically towards players, and props in the walls. You must be able to get through with ease.
2.23 (a) Modifying your base while being raided is not allowed, E.g. No-colliding a part of your base. This is classified as FailRP.
2.23 (b) You may not no-collide from your base to escape a roleplay situation or to interact with the nearest NPC. This is FailRP.
2.24 Trap bases are disallowed, I.E. Preventing players from leaving the same way they entered.
2.25 Bases which impend movement are not allowed, e.g sliding bases.
2.26 No unfair advantages are allowed at all. (For example, tiny holes where death lasers can be shot through or abusing the splash damage of it)
2.27 Maze, Black,White, Mirror and Invisible bases are not allowed.(Any uni color base aren't allowed.)
2.28 Do not use materials that cause props to "flash"(using render FX in colour options), unless it's a DJ Floor.
2.29 Layered bases are disallowed, I.E Forcing players to go through multiple levels.
2.30 You are only allowed only 1 players set of props per base. (E.g Can't have 2 part bases.) This includes megabases.

3.1 You’re not allowed to raid a base that has a building sign.
3.2 You're not allowed to raid the same building or base twice within 30 minutes, E.G. Bank, PD or someone's base
3.3 Medics are not allowed to raid on their own. (But can raid if hired by a group)
3.4 Killing innocent bystanders while raiding is not permitted.
3.5 (a) You may not take over someone's base and must not stay longer than 15 minutes.
3.5 (b) If there are no valuables in the base, this counts as the raid is over and you must leave as soon as possible.
3.6 Nerve Gas should ONLY be used in raids or defending raids from inside the base!
3.7 You can only fire 8 explosives (including 1 orbital strike only) as the maximum per raid. For a megabase, you can fire 16 explosives (including 2 orbital strikes only). E.g. M202, Plasma grenades etc
3.8 You are not allowed to use the 'Acriea' spell to see through walls and shoot the base owner or raider. You may only use it to find bases.
3.9 You may not teleport inside/outside a player's base or through their doors, E.g. Using the 'Obscuratio' spell; this is FailRP.
3.10 You may not counter/raid a building if you do not have an intent to actually raid, I.E. Countering a base just to kill the raiders.
3.11 You are not allowed to raid a gun shelf if its empty.
3.12 You are not allowed to raid the same gun shelf within 10 minutes.
3.13 You may only have a limit of 2 hex shields per raid.
3.14 Raiding a base that you have agreed to base in is not permitted.

4.1 As a Citizen you cannot have a base with raidable entities.
4.2 As a City Worker you cannot have a base or raidable entities.
4.3 (a) As a Hobo you cannot have a base with raidable entities.
4.3 (b) As a Hobo you can't build on the street.
4.4 Bank Manager or Security Guards (who are hired) are the only ones who can base in the bank. (The Bank Manager cannot kill any government officials.)
4.5 If you make a megabase, you must have at least 8 people.
4.6 You can have a maximum of 3 buildings (Which are located closely together) for a megabase.
4.7 Shooting your basemates' printers with upgrades equipped to bypass the locked screen is prohibited.

5.1 Maximum mugging is $10,000.
5.2 You must give the victim at least 10 seconds to drop the money.
5.3 If the victim runs, or doesn’t drop the money, you’re allowed to kill them.
5.4 (a) There’s a cooldown of 5 minutes between each mug.
5.4 (b) You may not mug the same person for 30 minutes.
5.5 Muggings must be adverted. (Must be in front of the player with appropriate confrontation)
5.6 You must follow FearRP.
5.7 You may not mug someone that already has a weapon out, this is classed as FailRP. A magic wand is not classified as a weapon.
5.8 You may not group mug, or have multiple people mug someone at a time for more money.
5.9 You may not have complex mug adverts, E.g. 3.7x +1.2 = 5.4x - 6.3, 10 sec.
5.10 You may not mug someone who is running.
5.11 Mugging people in the mining area and in the ocean who are mining is not allowed. This includes near the NPC and the edge of the safezone.
5.12 You may not mug law enforcement except for the President.

6.1 (a) There’s a 5-minute cooldown between each kidnapping.
6.1 (b) You cannot kidnap the same person again for 30 minutes.
6.1 (c.) You may only hold two victims at a time.
6.2 You may not hold the kidnapped person for over 20 minutes.
6.3 (a) Maximum kidnapping ransom is $150,000.
6.3 (b) Armor must be dropped if kidnapper forces you to.
6.4 You must give the victim at least 10 seconds to follow you.
6.5 If the victim doesn't follow you, you're allowed to kill them.
6.6 Kidnappings must be adverted.
6.7 You must follow FearRP.
6.8 You must have a weapon out to kidnap a person, otherwise, this is classed as FailRP.
6.9 You may not kidnap someone that has a weapon out, otherwise, this is classed as FailRP. A magic wand is not classified as a weapon.
6.10 When hooking a kidnapped in cuffs, you cannot place them in a position where they hang from the wall or ceiling.

7.1 (a) You are not allowed to build anywhere inside the territories.
7.1 (b) You can base near the territories, E.g Nearby buildings or tunnels.
7.1 (c.) When capturing or defending a territory, you may not use an unfair advantage. (E.g standing under/above the capture point.)
7.2 You may only kill another player in a territory if you are on the territory and trying to claim/defend it.
7.3(a) You may not shoot from outside of the point into the point.
7.3(b) If you are being shot from outside the territory you are only allowed to shoot back at the player who was shooting at you (E.g If one person shoots you from outside you can not kill everyone in sight).
7.4 All jobs except the citizen category, government/law enforcement, dealers, and hitman can help capture/defend territories.
7.5 If a clan member is caught breaking rules, a punishment will need to be issued. Depending on what rules were broken, the clan will need to remove the player(s) otherwise the clan can be at risk.
7.6 No Meta-gaming, E.g Must be able to physically see the clan member die to be able to avenge them. This also applies for hits and raids.
7.7 If you die at a point, you cannot claim/capture another point owned by the same clan. You need to wait 4 minutes in order to claim/capture another territory of that same clan.
7.8 You cannot defend allies; they are more of alliances of people you won't raid.

Warning: These Rules can change at any point in time. Some rules may be added or removed with no warning.
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